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How to Use the Monday Money Mantra

Every Monday, a new mantra will be sent directly to your Inbox (remember to add this email address to your safe sender’s list so that it does not end up in your Junk folder).

The mantra is written to help remind you and help you remember your inherent worthiness and value.

As you read the mantra for the first time, feel wholly and completely devoted to the Truth that is verbalised within those little lines.

Feel the gratitude and appreciation of the Universe and all that surrounds you for the person that You Are.

Throughout the week, every time you feel a thought that is ‘less than’, or find yourself on the verge of telling the version of a story that is focussed on the unwanted, remind yourself of the mantra and repeat it (silently or verbally – whichever suits best) until you find yourself fully immersed in the emotions of your true worth and value – More than you know, greater that you can ever imagine.

To your abundance,