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About Colour My Income

When we first started CMI, we thought about how we could share the ideas and experiences that we had with building multiple forms of income. The blog and it’s ideas initially centred around a specific range of online opportunities.

However, as time passed, we realised, and rightly so too, that it was not so much the action or the specific projects or online ventures that brought the wealth, it was simply all in the mindset of the individual.

So while we continue to share our experiences, technical expertise and different means of building an income, we also emphasise the importance, perhaps the only way by which you too can live a life of wealth, doing exactly what you want.

We will talk about our specific principles, philosophies and mindset changes that have worked so well for us. We share thoughts, books, programmes, everything and anything, that has inspired us.

The Purpose

Logo280… is to share the different possibilities of earning a living outside of the 9-5 or 7-7 as the reality may be

… to help identify, which ideas and potential income methods may suit your experience and expertise best

… to provide information and direct links to the people who will be in the best position to help, advise and mentor you on your journey

Who is it for

Whether you are a young highly qualified professional, a stay at home mum (or dad) or a retiree looking for something new to get stuck in to, Colour My income aims to provide information on how you can make the best use of the time that you have (whether that is all day instead of the 9-5 job you have, or the two hours a day, when you toddler naps) to work towards earning an income online.

Just one more thing…

We want to clear the air from the outset, we love what we do and we do it with real passion. We are guided and motivated to help others achieve their dreams and to focus on their passion. BUT this site is NOT

  • it’s not a passing fad
  • it’s not about how to make a quick buck
  • it’s not a get rich scheme with little or no work
  • it’s not a short term solution to your financial problem
  • it certainly isn’t about buying tonnes of courses & products without finding your real purpose or passion.

As it is already defined in our purpose above, what this site IS:

  • to help you find your passion
  • to give you the tools and resources to achieve your dreams
  • to realize your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • to sieve out all the noise and only leave the information you need
  • to provide you with information and links to people whom are best placed to advise and mentor you.