The Founders

About the Founders

Colour My Income is designed, written and run by Sam and Li-ling. Originally from the wonderful heritage city of Penang, Malaysia we now currently live in yet another wonderful heritage city of Bath, UK.

About Sam and Li-ling

We live the life of dreams.

We work part-time hours from home and run an international IT consultancy. We also spend a significant portion of our time, dabbling and having fun doing the things we really enjoy.

For Sam, this is tinkering with tech, drawing, designing be it websites or graphics and reading up on cars.

For Li-ling, this is writing, reading blogs, books, listening and finding amazing and inspiring musical talent.

While we enjoy travelling, relocating and living the nomadic lifestyle just isn’t for us. We have an amazing 11-year old who is currently home-schooled and an ace at cello. She even has her own little business online (BlueberrySnail).


We decided to carve out a life that suits us and we hope that all the information we share here will help you on your way to the life of your dreams.

We came to living and working online, in very similar ways to many other people who have taken the plunge. Our story is similarly filled with highlights and lowlights, and everything else in between.

What it came down to, though, was the fact that, we realised that we were happiest in each others company, spending time with our much loved daughter, family (when we get the chance to see them) and all the amazing friends we have.


Our Background

The tricky part was finding a way of earning a living that would allow us to dictate how much time we spent working. In the end we concluded that the best option was to work for ourselves.

Taking full responsibility for all the work that we did therefore taking full payment for all the income we generated. We have never looked back since.

Amidst, the adventures and diversions of education (an MSc and a PhD), jobs and migrations, we have been living and working online, building websites since 1997.



Back when, Microsoft recommended Front Page for web designing, Netscape was the browser of choice and Google was just the new kid on the block when everyone else was Yahoo-ing. Geocities was what people used for blogs and Alta Vista was another search engine.

Believe it or not, back then, Amazon was a dying company because people would not spend money online.

The fact is, we have tons of knowledge, experience, expertise and we have really enjoyed following and keeping in touch with how and how much the World Wide Web has flourished and grown.

We have continued to build websites and have also branched out in to learning environments as we are both passionate about learning and education.

Here on ColourMyIncome we are really excited and looking forward to share all that we know and have learnt about earning, living and working online. We are also continuously reaching out and getting in touch with others who have valuable experience and expertise to share.

If you have any questions, comments or would just like to share some thoughts, please do get in touch here